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CONGRATULATIONS Rosemary on another FIRST in Australia!

FIRST to establish airborne helicopter wedding ceremonies in Australia is Aviation‘s Celebrity Icon and Celebrant, *ROSEMARY ARNOLD. ‘Chapel in the Sky’ – AUSTRALIA’s FIRST HELI WEDDINGS - has been launched!

Want your wedding to be history-making?
Want to feel different as well as so delighted?
Want a dynamic personality to design your special day?
Want your wedding ceremony conducted by a Celebrity Celebrant?
Want a problem-solver with presence to cope with unexpected happenings?
Want to benefit from added value, when you make your decision to book Rosemary?

  • Her confidence and experience, soothing her own 5,000+ happy helicopter customers
  • Her knowledge of the best low-level, scenic flight to compliment your ceremony
  • Her 35+ years industry-awareness of reliable, professional sources for you to trust
  • Her track-record as a creative achiever, a dedicated professional, a proven performer

Caution: “Cheap is not a proven path to satisfaction; it’s said pay peanuts, get monkey.”


  • Couples prefer spacious, luxury seating, and a low-level 500’-1000’ scenic flight
  • No costly delays from Air Traffic Control, and fees, if flying out of Sydney Airport
  • Weight of passengers not a critical issue; room for a photographer for in-flight photos

Sydney Media very enthusiastically rushed to cover Rosemary’s new FIRST when she performed her inaugural Chapel in the Sky airborne ceremonies on December 31st, 2004.

  • SunHerald on January 2nd, 2005, titled ‘Come fly with me and be my love forever’ with photos of Rosemary performing the wedding ceremony with her second bridal couple
  • Channel 7 Sydney displayed a historic gallery of Rosemary’s flying experiences and aired their interview with Rosemary and her FIRST bridal couple
  • SkyNews Sydney aired an interview with Rosemary and her FIRST bridal couple, also showing many photos of Rosemary’s flying experiences in Australia and United States

Media coverage has been an every-day event for this trail-blazer with so many FIRST’s, with exposure in newspapers, glossy magazines, many TV shows such as Beauty /Beast.

  • Australia’s FIRST Woman Helicopter Pilot in 1965, found herself to be the 99th WhirlyGirl in the World and the FIRST in the Southern Hemisphere
  • FIRST Australian woman to fly a jet helicopter across the USA (20.5hrs flying time)
  • FIRST Australian woman to operate her own Helicopter Charter Company; Australia
  • FIRST Australian woman to be appointed Chief Pilot of a Helicopter Charter Company
  • FIRST Australian woman to operate her Helicopter Air Charter company in the USA
  • FIRST Australian woman to perform a helicopter air-display at an Australian Air Show
  • FIRST woman helicopter consultant on Rescue Helicopter Committees establishing operations throughout NSW, Australia, as well as Nevada, and Utah in the USA
  • FIRST helicopter barnstormer, Rosemary’s volunteer work spread to fund-raising for many charities, organising joyride days at hospital fetes and air shows. She carried 5,000+ passengers during these occasions, her entire flying career is accident and incident free, which covered as many as 75 takeoffs in one day and 276 passengers in one day. Her floral helicopter, the Triple Happy Helicopter, was the magic-carpet taking most of those passengers on their FIRST helicopter flight, still talked about with smiles today
  • FIRST founded the Helicopter Association of Australia in 1977, to support EMS work,
  • Organised the FIRST Helicopter Show in Australia, Blacktown Showground 1977
  • Achieved approval from Hon. Paul Landa, then Minister of Environment (after her years of constant lobbying at all levels of government), who finally agreed to Rosemary’s pleas by granting the Public Heliport site in Sydney. At first he granted Rosemary the roof of The Domain parking station, which was originally concrete, but he then withdrew this after finding it had been ‘turfed’. His revised site was then established at Pyrmont on the wharf frontage. What a voluntary effort for a community-use FIRST!

Not everyone wants an airborne wedding ceremony so Rosemary offers you “BLUE SKY WEDDINGS” either in the sky or on the ground.

At outdoor locations her beautifully decorated wedding canopy, with signing table and seating adds both unusual glamour and shelter from the weather. It is very symbolic, too.

Your choice of symbols can be included in your ceremony, and Rosemary shares her talents as a published author and professional speaker to enhance your special day.
Your Order of Service is written exactly to your life-long dreams and desires.

Contact Rosemary with your mailing address and you will receive a complimentary ‘JUST MARRIED’ one-of-a-kind sticker, and a hot pink HELICOPTER PEN!

*Rosemary Arnold, Civil Marriage Celebrant is the legal registered owner of:
‘Chapel in the Sky’
‘Helicopter Weddings’

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